Zaya – Naughty Native

Nasty Native

Naughty Native

It is been a whilst since we have seen a cutie like Zaya.
We receive all kinds of gals on, from American pies to European girls to Oriental beauties. Zaya just so happens to be Native American–one of the rarest ethnicities to appear on our web site.

Zaya, we rarely receive Native American models. What brings u to our studio?
“I’ve always had a bit of a nasty streak. I was always the almost all daring one of my friends and the 1st to get exposed at a pool party. I’m likewise very comfortable with nudity and my sexuality. The idea of just being a regular hotty with a regular job and having the same boring sex sounds terrible to me. So I’m here to have some passion, flaunt off my body and cum a bunch of times while I am at it! This is smth I wanted to do, and I’d regret it if I did not. I have a bucket list of things to try, and I’m making my way throughout it.”

What else have you scratched off your bucket list?
“I had been dying to be in a three-way, but specifically a three-way with two boys. That was love my unsurpassable fantasy, and I did it. I would be sucking one of their knobs while the other one was fucking me, and they would switch. Being sandwiched betwixt them was as astonishing as I thought it would be. Doggie-style is my favourite position and that indeed works when you are with two boys. The hottest moment for me was when one boy was screwing me from behind and pulling my hair so my head was pulled back during the time that the other lady-killer face-fucked me. Can u tell that I love raunchy, immodest sex?”

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