You’re not going to believe what Lillian has jammed up her asshol

You’re not plan to make almost certainly of what Lillian has jammed up her asshol

You're not going to make almost certainly of what Lillian has jammed up her asshol

The lesson to be learned from those images of Lillian Tesh is: Do not be surprised if the dominant-bitch you just saw at the library or the bookstore…the one who looks so straight-laced and shy with her Sunday school teacher glasses…has a anal plug shoved up her asshole.

Say what?

Yes, Lillian Tesh, who’s Fifty one years aged and reminds us a little of Mary Poppins, is wearing a gazoo plug, and you know what that means: That babe is getting willing for anal sex. Certainly, she acquires it. A lady love Lillian always gets what she desires.

“I know what I want and I go and acquire it,” Lillian told. “I’ll go to a exotic dancing club and scour the room for anybody who I’d love to acquire screwed by, then I’ll make my moves as far as introducing myself. I know what I want when I watch it. People think I’m gorgeous straight. They’ve by no means observed my wild side.”

They’re seeing it here, even though in the opening pics, Lillian appears love a schoolmarm with her glasses and her pink sweater wrapped around her neck. But underneath…stockings and a garter. Her sexy lingerie includes a undergarment that conceals no thing and sheer knickers. And, certainly, that buttplug.

“I’m actually into a bit of ass,” Lillian told. “I’m into all kinds of sex!”

Who would have ever guessed?

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