Who’s the first-timer here?

Who’s the first-timer here?

Who's the first-timer here?

The Porn Loser is proud to present a barely-legal, 18-year-old California girl with measurements of 34-24-34 and an eagerness to fuck that’s matchless by majority honey bunnys twice her age. She’s a darksome brown with a constricted, cute body, worthwhile, firm bra-busters and a bald pussy. She is wearing dark, hawt, lace pantyhose and a pink underware top. This cutie is a winner.

The Loser? He is just a loser. As usual, this guy has a rock hard time getting it up, and Kandi has to work real hard-harder than any 18-year-old hottie should acquire to work-to acquire him unyielding. But she does ‘cuz she desires his cock.

In this scene, it’s unyielding to tell who’s the silly 18-year-old. The brightening? Garbage. The pre-fuck interview? Loser doesn’t know what to ask her. The camerawork is shaky even by Porn Loser standards. Half the time, her head is cropped off when she is riding his penis. But do not worry, fellas: The Loser’s legs and feet are fully in the frame.

As ordinary, the girl saves the day with some ferocious fucking that makes you realize, “This girl’s got a future, as long as it involves sex.” Kandi‘s muff squishes oh-so-nicely when the Loser is banging her, and fortunately, his on-camera mic picks it up. Of course, the camera picks up a lot of other things, too, such as the other cameras in the room, but teenage Kandi appears to be to be competent to put all of these things without her mind.

“Oh, I’m going to cum!” this babe screams.

“Oh, shag me!” that babe entreats.

There is no substitute for youth.

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