Tushie Temperature

Tushie Temperature

Tushie Temperature

What are u doing in the clinic, Elizabeth

“Honestly, I wanted to skip class so I pretended to be sick. Solely, the nurse ended up taking my temperature in my wazoo! I was not waiting that. Is it weird that it kind of turned me on””

No, it is not unconventional at all. In fact, it is hot!

“Yeah, apparently the other boy in the clinic thought so, also. The smutty, little perv was watching the entire thing doggy style the curtain! The nurse left us alone for a little bit, and one thing turned into one more, and we ended up screwing!”

Did he take your temperature with his cock”

“Well, first that chap truly took my temperature in my fur pie with the thermometer. Then that chap took my muff temperature with his dick. He told me that I was burning up, but it wasn’t ’cause I was sick. It was ’cause I was so horny for sex.”

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