Trillium – Jocky Cummer

Jocky Cummer

Jocky Cummer

Did you play sports, Trill?
“I played soccer. Must explain why I like women’s legs and booties so much. There were so many hawt beauties on the team with great stems. I mostly like males, but I still loved checking out the girls in their diminutive, little shorts. I couldn’t avoid staring whenever they had cameltoe.”

Did you ever fool around with any of the cuties on your team?
“One of them ate my love tunnel and booty once in the shower after practice. That babe was a lesbian and had the hots for me for a during the time that. Maybe it was my short hair–who knows? I was curious to watch what it was love to hook up with a cutie, so whilst I was in the shower I called her over and asked her to wash my back for me. Then I put her hand on my fur pie and it was on.”

Did you like the way that babe ate u out?
“It was excellent, and that was the first time anyone ever ate my gazoo. It felt so nice. She was dragging her tongue from the top of my clitoris all the way down my crack and making circles with her hawt tongue around my anal opening. I drenched her face, and it wasn’t with shower water.”

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