Tiny Dancer

Diminutive Dancer

Tiny Dancer

Hey there, girl. What’s up with the leotard and leg warmers?
“I made the dance team at school this year, and I’m so concupiscent! This is intend to be the unsurpassable senior year ever. The gals on the dance team are the almost all popular, and all the boys wish to date ’em. I’m
plan to be one busy bee!”

What are you looking forward to the most about being on the team?
“Probably exotic dancing and being in the spotlight, the pep rallies and all the dates I’ll be going on. I am kind of quiet and timid, but now that I’m on the dance team more boyz will probably notice me. I’m not a virgin or anything, but I haven’t had sex that many times. I’d definitely love to have more and try some kinky ram. I am supple so I would adore to do a split on a guy’s penis. So hopefully I’ll acquire asked out on some dates and I can try those things out! And I’m dying to have a three-way. There are some bi gals on the team, and I guess they’re down for it.”

Are u into sweethearts, Barbie?
“I don’t know if I am bi, but I definitely have a curiousity. It is probably from being around all these hawt dancers and seeing ’em walk around in nature’s garb in the locker room. It gives me these wishes to take up with the tongue them and observe what their twats taste like.”

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