Tammi Sue – The cougar gets her man

The cougar gets her ladies man

The cougar acquires her man

“I’m a cougar. I always date younger men,” said Tammi Sue, a 46-year-old divorcee and Mamma of 2 from San Diego, California. “They can keep up with me. I like having sex. Each single day if I can.”

If this babe can? Can not a woman like Tammi Sue have sex whenever she craves?

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen. I do not like intend to a bar to meet someone.”

Where does this babe adore to meet fellows?


In the 40SomethingMag.com studio, maybe?


That is where she met Al, the 26-year-old who’s worshipping her legs and feet, fucking her muff and cumming all over her beautiful face in this scene, Tammi’s second at 40SomethingMag.com.

“It doesn’t have to be full, romantic sex every day. It can be a quickie,” Tammi Sue said. “I’ll just jump on top and screw and go back to sleep.”

The sex in this scene is a little romantic, a little erotic (Tammi Sue lays back and receives her face banged) and not quick at all. It did not put Tammi to sleep and it will not put you to sleep. As for Al…he was overtired. This stud might have gone to sleep.

“It was beautiful,” Tammi Sue said after that babe wiped the cum off her face. “I loved it.”

You’ll adore it, too.

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