Stella – Glamour Puss

Glamour Puss

Glamour Puss

Meet this Italian knockout!
Stella is a Euro dish who spends her time between Rome and the Great Britain. ‘coz breaking hearts in just one country isn’t enough for this dish! “I love to travel a lot, so I have a hubby in the United Kingdom and a boyfriend in Rome. They both know about it and are okay with it.”

How did you manage that, Stella?
“I was honest with the one and the other of ’em. I did not urge a steady boyfriend. I’m young and I like to keep my options open. So they both acceded to an open relationship. It works out for ’em also coz they can see other girls. I have had three-ways with each of ’em and some of their other girlfriends. I discovered it quite gripping
and hawt. I don’t think they would team up to be in a three-way with me though, which is such a shame!”

So u have to truly wish to be with two guys at the same time then.
“Yes, it’s one of my fantasies. All the threeways I have been in were with some other woman chaser and hotty. Now I would like to see what it is adore to have 2 guys have their way with me. If my boyfriends don’t urge to assist me, I am sure I can detect other lads who will. But there is no rush. I have a lot of pretty sex now, and I’ve the rest of my life to experience those things. Plus, I’m already fulfilling some other fantasy by posing stripped for your magazine.”

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