Stacy Kiss – Cutie In Coochie Cutters

Girl In Coochie Cutters

Cutie In Coochie Cutters

Stacy, what is up with those petite shorts? They barely cover everything!
“These are the shorts I wear when I want to be lustful for a specific skirt chaser or when I am just lounging around the house. I wouldn’t go out in public wearing them. I love the way my buttcheeks hang with out the back, and I actually love the way the inseam rubs on my clit when I walk. They keep me horny the whole time I’ve them on. That is why they kind of smell like bawdy cleft.”

Do they make u want to play with your love tunnel?
“Yes. All the stimulation from my shorts riding up my cunt and booty crack makes me wanna rub one out. Then again, I always crave to rub one out no matter what. But these shorts make the desire a little bit stronger than ordinary.”

Tell us the truth; do u ever sniff the shorts?
“I do not do it all the time, but I have before. All gals smell their juices, even if it’s just without curiosity. I used to smell and lick my fingers after sticking ’em in my pussy. Then I started sniffing my briefs and shorts. With my little coochie cutters, I don’t wash ’em until they smell really powerful of my twat juices. I let them receive valuable and impure so they smell really mellow. If you’re within like four or five feet of me you can smell them too. Some people might think that’s gross, but it turns me on a whole lot.”

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