Smart Blonde

Smart Blonde

Smart Blonde

Hey, Alexis. How has the new school year been so far?

“It’s been worthwhile, but inflexible! I just started high school and I actually urge to do well. I almost failed senior year ‘cuz I was also busy fucking around with lads and partying. I was a archetypal popular cheerleader and I got lots of attention from the lads. Now that I’m in high-school I wanna do well and prove to everyone that I’m not just some dumb blond. I can be smart, also!”

So what’s your plan to stay on track?

“I’ve been studying and doing all my homework, and it is all pretty simple. I am trying not to go on too many dates, and that is the inflexible part! I do think about lads a lot. So when I feel myself getting distracted I just masturbate and it calms me down. I’m sure it’ll merely hold me over for so lengthy. If I can await it out till winter break I’ll be fine!”

Are u intend to go on a fuckfest once the semester is over with?

“Yes, and I’m completely looking forward to it. I am making sure I get worthy grades so getting some pecker at the end of the semester will be my reward for being on point! During the winter break I’m intend to have as much wondrous sex as possible, ‘coz when the spring semester begins I’ve to turn back into a prude. I not ever used to masturbate but now I don’t have much of a partiality!”

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