Skinny Schoolgirl

Slender Schoolgirl

Skinny Schoolgirl

Crave to know a secret about slim cuties love Kristy? They can take humongous jocks!

“I’ll admit it; I am a size queen! I adore massive rods. I love most of all seven inches and above. Boyz are always surprised when they find that out. They think because I am so miniature that I cant handle large jocks. I may be slight, but my vagina is unfathomable and it can stretch.”

What kind of sex do u like to have, Kristy?

“I like it rough and rigid. People think bigger in size cuties like to be pounded ’cause they have more cushion for the poking, but that is not true. I always get to tell lads to fuck me harder. They think they’re intend to break me, but trust me, I can handle it!”

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