Sindee Dix – Sindee wants her ass fucked

Sindee wishes her arse drilled

Sindee wants her ass fucked

Fifty-two-year-old Sindee is sat on a couch, wearing a short skirt. That babe is looking classy and hot, but the truth is, she’s lustful. Levi walks in. That babe introduces herself. This dude says, “Are you the Sindee that is running this function?”

“Yes,” she says. “I just wanted to slide back here and take some pressure off. This is my little space back here.”

“Why are u sat so far away? Are u afraid I’m going to bite u?”


“Why do not you sit closer, Levi?”

He appears to be nervous. This babe seems like she desires smth. Meat-thermometer, maybe?

In her arse, in fact. Yes, Sindee is taking a break from this function for some rogering…ass-fucking, in fact.

Charming? Yes. Lustful. Yep. Sexy? Yes. They can all go jointly.

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