Sequoia Red – Deep Inside Sequoia

Deep Inside Sequoia

Deep Inside Sequoia

Sequoia doesn’t adore to keep her fashionable garments on. Our videographer begins asking her about sex, and within seconds, Sequoia is fiddling with her petticoat, concerned to take it off.

“I like captivating garments that come off easily,” this babe says.

She’s wearing a matching brassiere and panties, which is valuable, and asks, “Whaddya think?” We think this babe should take off her brassiere and briefs, which she does, and before we know it, Sequoia is having at herself. Kudos to our videographer, by the way, for some great close-ups of Sequoia deep-fingering her powerful slit. Then that man receives below her chair so we’re looking str8 up at her arsehole as that babe fingers her pussy some more, then grasps her a-hole cheeks and pulls ’em apart. The only way to acquire any closer to her would be if u were rogering her. And even then, the views wouldn’t be almost as admirable.

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