Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

Ride THEM Cowgirl

Ride THEM Cowgirl

That’s quite a suit, Zoey!
“I know! My Mother wouldn’t let me leave the abode adore this, so I am wearing a large jacket over it so that babe doesn’t notice. This is what I’m wearing to a Halloween party. I got the suit at a sex store, and I think I look hawt. Hopefully the boy I love will think the same thing about me!”

So you are dressing this way to impress a boy?
“A little bit. Honestly, I just wanted to wear smth actually sexy this year, and pink is my much loved color. As in a short time as I saw this costume I knew I had to have it. Even if it’s a little over the top.”

Are u afraid of the reaction you are going to acquire at the party?
“Not indeed. All the popular beauties are going and they costume even sluttier! Last year one hotty was a mermaid, and she was totally topless. This babe just had seashells painted on her wobblers! So it’ll be enjoyment, especially with my crush there. I already made out with him, so I am hoping that we’ll must copulate at the party. I’ll reveal him how much of a cowgirl I can be when I get on top of his schlong!”

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