Riana – A walk to Remember

A walk to Remember

A walk to Remember

Remember Riana from Feb. ’11?

That babe is back, and she’s not a virgin! When we 1st shot Riana her cherry was still intact. We knew it would merely be a matter of time previous to somebody gotta pop that damp morsel, and we were right. “I finally had sex soon after I was in your mag. It was a lot of fun, and I got to try smth I had been very curious about. I told him to cum on my face! I laughed when it happened, but I truly liked it.”

Riana still gets loads on her face, but she can’t live without ’em in her face hole, likewise. “I wanted a petticoat chaser to cum on my face coz I saw it in a indecent magazine and I figured it was normal. Then when it happened I liked it because it made me feel love I was a wicked girl–like I was doing something that worthy girls do not do. And now I adore it when boys cum in my mouth ‘coz it tastes worthwhile. And when they spunk in my face hole I can actually tell how bigger than typical their load is. It can be a lot to swallow!”

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