Rachel James – Flattie Flasher

Flattie Flasher

Flattie Flasher

Rachel likes to sit with her legs open.
She knows the lads in class can’t resist a blond in a tartan skirt, so this babe parts her knees to seduce whoever is gutsy enough to look. By the end of class, her sensible cotton straps are damp and clinging to her cleft.

So it turns you on to let boyz get a peek at your straps?
“It turns me on so much that I can feel the juice oozing with out my fur pie. After class I must run to the baths and shove my fingers in my cunny cuz I am so worked up. When that happens I usually cum right away, and more juice leaks out into my palm. I adore to lick it off. So yep, u could say flashing studs turns me on.”

Do u ever stick your fingers in your butt?
“Yes. When I am indeed succulent I’ll just use the juice from my twat as lube to stick my fingers in my a-hole. I haven’t done anal yet but I can definitely watch myself trying it one day. The anal opening is an orifice of enjoyment, after all.”

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