Playing Dress Up

Playing Dress Up

Playing Costume Up

What’s up with the heels and the dress shirt?
“My boyfriend is this maturer lad who’s the vice president of a company. Since it would be too scandalous for me to work in his office, this skirt chaser loves it when I suit up love his personal lascivious, little office administrator at home.”

What kinds of things do you do for him during the time that you are clothed up?
“I bring him coffee and send faxes for him. Whenever this chab drops stuff I pick it up off the floor and stick my a-hole in his face. Then I receive on my knees and engulf his jock.”

How come he doesn’t want u in the office?
“It would cause too much of a stir. It is a very conservative place, and I do not think I’d love it much in any case. Plus, he is married. So we keep anything a secret. Although I’ve screwed him on his desk during nights when that woman chaser works late.”

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