Oral Addiction

Irrumation Addiction

Oral Addiction

Alexis, do you like to put things in your mouth?

“Duh! Why do you think I am sucking on this rod popsicle? It tastes priceless and everything, but I love to pretend I’m engulfing a real schlong. And I am sure all the men seeing those images will like looking at me engulf on it. They’ll probably imagine that it is their jock in my throat instead of this candy one. Let them know that not only can I give indeed valuable blow jobs, but I like to do it! For a lengthy time now I have had this fellatio fixation–I have to have smth in my throat. When I cant engulf wang, I’m constantly chewing gum.”

Please tell us that u do not have a gag reflex, Alexis.

“I don’t! Unfathomable face hole is what I’m truly good at. But sometimes my jaw acquires exhausted ’cause when I give head I can do it for 45 minutes cuz I love the smack of ding-dong so much. That is a long time!”

Do u adore to acquire head?

“Of course! And I like to have sex, too. It’s just that blow jobs are adore, my thing. Everyone has that one thing they adore and are really priceless at, and mouthing rod is my particular gift.”

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