Olivia Lovely – Brunette Next Door

Dark brown Next Door

Brunette Next Door

Olivia, what’s smth that people tell you a lot about your appearance?
“I hear that I am cute, or that I’m slim and I’ve a fine body. But the one thing that I hear the most is that I look so enchanting and innocent. Then these people are shocked to know that I’m truly a little doxy who takes her hot garments off for the digi camera! I love being experienced to fool people into thinking I am virginal. Especially boys who think I don’t know how to shag.”

So it is safe to assume that you’re a priceless bonk then, right?
“I’d say so. I mean, you had me do that three-way with the hot MILF and the older fellow that ran in the Jan. ’14 issue, and I learned a lot in that session. And ever since then I think I have gotten marvelous precious at sex. Boyz always tell me that I give great head. And when we copulate they appear to be actually into it, and sometimes they cum a little too fast. It’s a curse and a blessing. I adore that I can bonk ’em so nice that they wanna cum right away, but a little lasting vigour on their part would be worthy too.”

What about anal? Have you gotten into that yet?
“Just a little bit of fingering and touching with tongue. My arse is so constricted that I’m scared to take a wang in it! Maybe if one of my boy-toys craves to buy me a buttplug I can initiate preparing for anal. Until then it’s just tongues and fingers. And speaking of butts, there’s something I’ve been dying to tell anybody. The other day I licked my first Lothario dark-skinned hole, and I loved it. We were in the shower, and I do not know–I just wanted to take up with the tongue his wazoo. So I did it while jacking his cock, and it was indeed hot. That smooth operator loved it, likewise. I know it’s kinda taboo for men, but I know it felt precious for him. And I truly liked doing it!”

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