Needs bucks for a vacation

Needs chaps for a vacation

Needs dudes for a vacation

“Just about all of my friends go to college, and they want me to go on vacation with ’em at the end of their next semester,” said Jennifer. “But I can not save sufficient from my job to pay rent for my apartment, pay off my car and take a holiday, so I figured I would miss out. The boy who was laundry dishes at the restaurant quit several weeks agone and I had to clean out his locker. I discovered three issues of NN and slipped ’em in my bag to take home cuz I’ve a thing about looking at undressed girls and getting myself off. When I saw in NN that I would get a check if my pix were published, I figured that was a way for me to acquire my vacation. I like the way I look. I guess I’m kinda hot and I like having chaps check me out and flirt with me, and getting undressed and spreading for pictures sounded adore joy. The bigger than average deal was finding anybody good enough with a digi camera to take the fotos. Turns out that somebody was my mom’s best friend who I’ve know my whole life. She used to be a cram photographer. She knows all my secrets and has by no means spilled any, and she was glad to aid me out. She’s not lezzie or everything, but she gave me great suggestions on how I should pose. I owe her large time! I hope u lads like what you see… but I am way more fantastic in the flesh.”

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