Megan Rain – FlattyLicious



There’s no denying that Megan is sexy!
That face, that body, that backdoor…damn! Imagine being the one to pull down her pink sheer briefs in those pictures, lazily revealing her supple asscheeks and taut, little starfish. Heaven has by no means been so close. “When a guy pulls my knickers down, I like to perk up my a-hole to let him know that I am excited.”

We love your petite chest, Megan.
“I think they costume my body, but sometimes I do feel a little insecure about ’em. Greater than typical breasts are just so sexy. Certainly lads are always quick to tell me that my chest is fine the way it is and reassure me by engulfing on my teats, so I guess I believe ’em. But I would say my ultimate asset is my ass. It is priceless and round and firm.”

Anything about u is gorgeous, even your snatch.
“Thanks. I guess my cookie is glamorous, likewise. Plenty of the time I’ll sit in front of the mirror and observe it closely. I love to play with my lips and try to imagine what it is like to be a lad about to lick it.”

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