Meet Juliet Miller. She brought her toys with her!

Meet Juliet Miller. That babe brought her toys with her!

Meet Juliet Miller. That babe brought her toys with her!

It is Juliet Miller week at Latterly, we have been doing week-long events with many of our fresh M.I.L.F.S., and now it’s Juliet’s turn.

This day, pix of Juliet showing off her sexy body and rogering her vagina with plenty of different toys.

The next day, the episode version of Juliet’s toy expose.

Wednesday, pix of Juliet screwing on-camera for the 1st time. She’s 50. The buck she’s sucking and fucking is half her age. Do the math.

And Thursday, Juliet’s 1st bonk movie.

It is gonna be a week to remember for us and especially for Juliet, who had not at any time done this type of thing.

“I detected u,” Juliet said. “A boy I talk to on FetLife mentioned that you were his favourite web page and said I should check it out,” this babe did, and now she’s here.

Juliet, who’s a swinger, says the people that babe knows wouldn’t be surprised to watch her here.

“My family and friends know exactly what I’m like,” she said. “I’m very open and honest about what I am into.”

Juliet was born in Oklahoma and now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. She’s a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. She used to be a naturalist in a state park. She is likewise been a rural mail carrier, an office manager and an brute control officer.

Control yourselves, animals!

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