Margo And The Bad Man

Margo And The Bad Stud

Margo And The Bad Man

So, Margo is trying to have a quiet afternoon, relaxing on her daybed and reading a trashy novel, when Asante knocks on her door, begging her to aid him hide from his parole officer. Now, Margo is a priceless woman so that babe does as he asks, but how does Asante return the favour? By looking up Margo‘s petticoat while she is trying to get rid of the officer. “That is the final time,” Margo tells Asante when the heat is gone. “You owe me big time.”

“I do,” Asante says. “And thank’s for the check out. I saw everything. You’ve nothing on beneath there.”
“Were you looking up my dress?” that babe asks. Asante confesses (at least he confesses to something, right?), and Margo gives a decision that she’d rather spend the afternoon rogering than reading. “Do u want a closeup check without my muff?” this babe asks. “Do u wish to take up with the tongue my clitoris?”

He does, and then this chap does. And then she sucks his jock. And then this Lothario fucks her on the bed…and cums inside her cookie, resulting in a very immodest creampie. Sounds more mind boggling than reading to us.

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