Makin’ the moves

Makin’ the moves

Makin' the moves

Do u ever begin sex?

“If I acquire to. I love most of all the lad to do it though. I love feeling adore that guy wants me so bad this buck cant aid himself.”

Why do u think boys don’t make the move sometimes?

“I think they’re either intimidated or unsure of how I’ll react. Fortunately I make it indeed obvious when I wanna bonk someone, so I haven’t had to make the first move on a lad also many times.”

When have you made a move?

“Once with this actually cute dude, but I cant exactly blame him. We were at a disrobe club. It was dead, and I pulled him into the bath and started giving a kiss him. This chap was into it, but not to the point of fucking me right there, which is what I wanted. After dropping some obvious hints I just took his ramrod out and rode it.”

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