Maggie – Frisky Flirt

Frisky Flirt

Frisky Flirt

This little sex-kitten is willing to pounce…Maggie isn’t the kind of girl to get bound down to just one charmer. This babe is a bigtime flirt with a bad case of wandering eye and a randy cunny. This babe flirts with all the boyz at school, and then flirts with her swim coach and teammates all afternoon. “It’s really good to acquire all of that attention,” she says.

What kinds of perks has your flirting gotten u?
“Flirting is like my super force. I have used it a bunch to get into concerts I did not have tickets for. Once, I just stood by the door of a sold out Radiohead unveil and flirted with the security lads. One as well as the other of ’em were cute; I even caressed my a-hole on one of the males to feel his hard-on. Once the brandish had started and people were without sight, one of ’em slipped me in. I have also gotten into basketball and even football games like this. I just love having a admirable time and seeing boyz around me have a nice time, likewise. Plus every now and some other time I’ll meet a decent one I’ll indeed let take me out on a real date.”

Where else do you need to flirt?
“At work! I am a hostess at a sports bar. It’s a blast coz almost any of my time is spent flirting with lonely, older lads. They adore to chat me up. When my shift ends, I adore to go home and rub my clitty, thinking about the hottest boyz of the day, how unyielding I made their jocks and how bad they wanted me.”

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