Mae Olsen – Dream Cunny

Dream Cunny

Dream Cunny

Do u adore showing off your vagina, Mae?
“Yes! I think it is hot. I mean, it is the almost any intimate part of a girl’s body. When a lad is jacking off this skirt chaser thinks about the girl’s bawdy cleft. So I adore to brandish mine off ’cause it turns fellows on, and that turns me on. I like ’em thinking about rogering my cookie.”

Do you receive lots of compliments about your pussy?
“Yes. Usually bucks will tell me that it is tight and it tastes nice. I have too been told that it is gorgeous coz I have indeed dunky snatch lips. What’s humorous is that the 1st person who said me that was a girl. We were best allies, and sometimes we would get in nature’s garb jointly to explore every other’s body parts. Her lips were more meaty, and this babe was surprised by how petite mine were. She asked if this babe could touch my pussy, so I let her. This babe ended up eating me out.”

Did you adore it when she ate you out?
“It was charming hot. That was my first carnal encounter. And then I went down on her. I was intrigued by her bigger than typical, strong pink flaps. I liked playing with them, and this babe came so subrigid when I sucked on ’em and rubbed her love button at the same time.”

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