Lucy Doll – Dropout Dick Pleaser

Dropout Knob Pleaser

Dropout Meat-thermometer Pleaser

“I dropped out of high school,” 18-year-old Lucy said us. “I detested being there. All of my friends were boyz ‘coz I can’t stand being around other cuties. They’re also catty and prissy. The angels at my school would make a large deal with out being a virgin. It’s love they held their cherries hostage until they tricked dudes to fall in adore with them. That is bullshit. I made the mistake of telling a hotty at school that I use anal beads when I masturbate, and the whole school knew by lunch. I detested that place.”

Now that Lucy doesn’t need to go to high school, she can focus on other areas of study. Namely, she can practice her deepthroating and ball licking with tongue skills! “I love giving head, and I almost always gulp the cum. I am, love, seriously addicted to the salty smack of ball cream. I had an ex spouse who truly had a fetish for watching me eat his load. He’d cum on foods or in drinks and I’d slurp it all down for him. I didn’t mind ‘coz it was just added seasoning! We made a cum cupcake one time that was agreeable.”

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