Lola Lee – Lola Lee, celebrating 50 years of exhibitionism

Lola Lee, celebrating 50 years of exhibitionism

Lola Lee, celebrating Fifty years of exhibitionism

“I indeed didn’t think somebody would be so bonkers about seeing me some other time that they would ask for me, so I was glad they did,” 69-year-old divorcee Lola Lee said. “And I always adore coming to your studio. U make me feel so good.”

That is ‘cuz we give her bigger than standard schlongs to engulf and copulate. Jewel, who shares a boy with Lola in the DVD Sixty & Swingin’, once said us, “Lola likes to make make almost certainly of that babe is this timid, proper female from Texas, but I’m here to tell you that’s not always true. This babe always says I am hornier than her, but I do not think that’s true, either. Whenever we talk on the phone, she’s always telling me about who this babe had sex with. Whenever we’re with a boy together, this babe always goes after his penis 1st.”

Lola recalled, “The first time I had sex, we had backed up the car so that we faced the beach. It was a 1939 Ford Coupe, and it was very romantic. After we had sex, we laid there watching the sunset and noticed a buck standing in the ocean with a pair of binoculars, watching us. I like the idea of it then. I still like it now!”

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