Layla Mynxxx – Jack To Her Flaps

Jack To Her Flaps

Jack To Her Flaps

Layla’s darksome lotus flower is lovely.

Layla is a prime example of a gal with greater than standard pink flaps and a little gap. Even when she opens her darksome flaps, we can barely see what’s inside. We also adore the gradient effect that begins with the darksome purple of her outer lips and fades to a light pink in her damp center. “I have a confession to make,” Layla told us. “I do not love to wear panties. It’s not ‘cuz they ride up my wazoo. It is ‘coz they can not contain my king-size lips! They’ll end up slipping out the sides. So I just wear basic full-back cotton panties. I wish I could be hot and wear panties, but oh well! If I am wearing smth taut, I’ll just skip the panties altogether and let my lips hang free.”

Are your lips sensitive?

“A little bit. It feels priceless to have ’em played with and sucked on. I love it when a Lothario buries his face in my twat and I can watch my lips fanned out on his cheeks as he eats me out.”

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