Layla Mynxxx – Chinese Treat

Chinese Treat

Chinese Treat

We like Oriental honey bunnys! Where are u from?
“I’m Chinese, and I’m glamorous fluent in Mandarin. Although I’ll tell you ahead of time that I am not really priceless at saying the bad words. They’re mostly slang, and I am not likewise familiar with that. But lads like it when I speak Mandarin when we fuck. They love the entire exotic thing. And u know what they say about Oriental angels having truly small pussies? It’s true! At least that’s what I’ve been said about mine.”

Did u have a strict upbringing or were your parents more relaxed?
“My parents were super strict. I wasn’t allowed to go out with dudes at all, and if I wanted to talk to them on the phone I had to sneak the calls late at night once my parents were asleep. U know parents can merely be so strict on their kids until they break loose and go insane! That’s what I did. One time I turned 18 I was love, ‘Fuck this shit, I wanna receive wild!’ Going away for high-school too helped a lot. That is when I started going on a lot of dates and having a lot of sexy sex. I lastly got to do all the things I would always wanted to.”

How many times a week do you’ve sex?
“It depends. I go throughout wet seasons and dry spells. Right now I am going throughout a dry spell, and it’s driving me potty! Thank god for my sextoy. It is the merely thing keeping me sane. I hope u boys can hook me up with a big-dicked woman chaser to shag!”

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