Kelly – Love Cums in all Sizes

Adore Cums in all Sizes

Love Cums in all Sizes

Kelly is a large angel. We don’t mean that she’s chubby. We mean that she’s long and lean. This 21-year-old stands 5’10”, which is considerably more than almost any of the angels we feature on our web resource. We asked her if being tall affected her adore life. “Yeah, probably,” this babe responded. “Short boyz are intimidated by me, and tall boyz appear to be to always like shorter girls. But I have dated boys who were shorter than me, and I have dated big basketball players before. U know what’s interesting? I guess that the shorter the boy, the larger the strapon. At least, that is been my experience! I love fucking shorter boyz ‘coz then I can do my favorite move. I like standing whilst the lad is kneeling, then I hold his head down on my slit and make him lick me until I cum. It is a force move, for sure!”

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