Kasey Warner – A Mouthful

A Mouthful

A Mouthful

Kasey, we heard u adore to engulf dick. Care to tell us more?
“I do adore to suck wang, and I guess I am charming priceless at it. I was just in a three-way with two boyz, and I acquire to say that I held my own while I was blowing them. I had one shlong in one hand whilst my face hole was on the other, and I would switch off betwixt the two. The one and the other boys appeared to be to actually have enjoyment it, especially when I’d gulp their wang all the way down to the base. When I was done sucking there was spit all over my chest.”

How did u learn to suck pecker like such a talented?
“I think I was just born with that skill. From the 1st time I put a rod in my mouth, it was adore I just instinctually knew what to do. I also have an oral-service fixation, so that probably helps likewise.”

Do u like dudes to eat you out?
“I like it when a skirt chaser puts his mouth over my complete twat and sucks it love he is really trying to devour it. It is my favourite to look down at his head between my legs during the time that I grind my crotch into his face.”

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