Just keep sucking, baby.

Just keep sucking, baby.

Just keep mouthing, baby.

The Loser proves that if you have a video digital camera, you can receive the chicks. Otherwise, there’s no way a 19-year-old hottie like Amber (a 5′, 96-pound, blue-eyed blond from Las Vegas, Nevada) would go anywhere near a lady-killer adore him. But there she’s, sitting on his sofa, willing to acquire down on her knees and engulf his pathetic little pecker when the call for action comes.

Yeah, the Loser’s penis is a pathetic little thing, and it looks tinier than ever, like a travel-sized weiner, when Amber starts mouthing it. A trains horn sounds in the background. But Amber isn’t distracted, and apparently neither is the Loser. Or is Amber such a worthy ramrod sucker that she could get a dead smooth operator inflexible?

One of the superlatively fine things the Loser does in this scene is put down his hand-held digital camera. Let’s face it, the Loser is not ever wonderful at working it, moreover, and working out of it gives him the chance to concentrate on the banging. Amber is actually into the sex, squatting on his dick, bouncing up and down. Ah, but then Loser makes the mistake of picking up the digital camera, and instead of seeing the fucking, we see Amber‘s face.

But, as fortune would have it, that’s not a bad thing ‘cuz the look on Amber‘s face says, “Fuck me!” This points out one of the accidentally fine things about non-professional porn. The adept guys would be focused on the rod going in and without the snatch the whole time. But the Loser made a mistake, the mistake resulted in him focusing on her face, and that turned out to be nice.

Amber copulates him harder. The camera rattles. That babe screws him so rock hard that the lens is wandering all over. Amber‘s truly loving her scene, loving the idea of fucking in front of a digi camera for all of us to check out.

The Loser is relishing Amber, too, and he’d more alluring. He’s not ever going to receive this piece of butt afresh.

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