Jade Dunn – Measures Up

Measures Up

Measures Up

Hey, Jade! How’s it feel to be the recent angel on the block? “So far, I’m loving it! I am plan to school right now to become a highschool English teacher, but I thought this would be smth pleasure I could do on the side.

I’ve always been a actually erotic gal. I hate wearing knickers; I like hitting up the clubs now and anew and I am a bit of a freak in the sack. I like to rub my clitoris and cum every chance I receive. One of my fans got me this truly outstanding wand so I’ve been using that a lot to receive off. God, I am getting lewd just thinking about it!”

That sounds glamorous sexy! Can u tell us more about your kinkiest shag session? “Oh, god! It would must be this party I had after my senior prom. Shit really went down that night! I am not sure how it started, but eventually I detected myself in my couch with four other couples! Some of ’em were just making out and grinding and stuff, but once I started dancing, all the other girls did also. It was love a web of flesh, arms and legs and meatballs and tongues everywhere. Hands down, world’s foremost orgy.”

Damn! Wait a minute, so you are into hotties likewise? “Oh, yeah. I love women, not quite as much as I like fellows! They’re just so velvety, and their tongues…my god. I receive moist just thinking about kissing them. I’ve been fortunate enough to bonk plenty of babes already, but one of the hottest times was in public. Acquire this–it was in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room! I was already gorgeous wanton from lingerie shopping for my date that night, and I happened to run into my ally who was just picking up a not many bras. We wound up getting into the same stall to try on numerous things. When I saw her free those attractive milk cans, I knew I had to put them in my face hole. I made her screech adore this babe by no means had before.”

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