Jack Happy

Jack Glad

Jack Happy

Hey, Karmen. In your questionnaire you mentioned that u love to jack boyz off.

“I do. I know that appears to be so non-professional, but I truly love it! Probably cuz I love to play with things in my hands a lot. Love, I make clay sculptures, also. Plus it’s simple and you do it not quite anywhere with out people noticing. Love, I
always jack boys off at the video theater. But the most joy place I’ve ever given a chap a tugjob before was at a concert. It was super packed, and we were standing shoulder to shoulder. At 1st I had my hand in his pocket and I
was playing with his cock. Then he got inflexible so I slipped it inside his trousers and jacked him off. I don’t think anyone noticed, but who knows?”

So that smooth operator came in his trousers?

“Yeah. I would have been more than glad to gulp his cum, but considering that we were at a concert, that was not plan to happen. Later on I acquire him off on my face.”

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