Fuck her while you have the chance, Loser!

Fuck her while you’ve the chance, Loser!

Fuck her while u have the chance, Loser!

Ashley is so little that she makes the Loser’s knob look humongous. Now that is little! Her face hole is so small that that babe is barely talented to wrap her lips around his tool, She makes him look like John Holmes! In our opinion, at this point, the Loser should’ve shut down the camera and asked her to marry him.

Of course, she would’ve said no. Ashley is youthful (just Eighteen). She’s hot. She is stylish. She is definitely not desperate. That babe is saving up for college, and if rogering and mouthing the Loser is the foremost way for her to pay her tuition, we’re all for it.

By the way, she is from North Dakota, and we can’t remember the last time we heard of a porn starlet coming from North Dakota. The Loser might have thought to ask her about that.

The opening minutes of this scene contain the usual Loser gems, like him asking her to take off her hot outfit by saying, “Let’s take a check out what we’re working with here,” as if Ashley were a tool this petticoat chaser just bought from Home Depot. Stuff like that makes us realize the real reason the Loser tried to become a porn director: It’s the solely way he’ll ever get laid.

The Loser manages to fuck Ashley in a multiformity of positions. This petticoat chaser cums on her face. The Loser has his scene. Ashley goes off to fame, fortune and college. Everyone wins, especially the Loser, who goes to sofa that night thinking that dude has a greater than average penis.

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