Foxy Di – Risque Ruski

Risque Ruski

Risque Ruski

Welcome back, Foxy. How’ve things been now that you have posed for us a not many times?
“They have been precious! I have been traveling through Europe for photo and movie scene shoots, and I have been meeting all kinds of people and having lots of hot sex. I feel more sexually open now, and I’ve learned what chaps love and likewise what I like. And that’s a man who knows when to be gentle and when to be rough. I do not urge too much of one or the other, but just the right mix. I also like to experiment and try new things. Likewise much of the same bores me. Almost all men appear to be to feel the same way, and they have pleasure my adventurous nature.”

What have u experimented with lately?
“I have been having enjoyment with wazoo play and anal. One day I was looking at my chocolate hole in the mirror and thinking that it looks so pretty, it would be a shame not to use it during sex. This was a priceless decision ‘cuz I have astounding orgasms from anal play.”

That’s hawt! What other nasty things have u been getting into?
“I have likewise been in a not many three-ways. I have been with a lady-killer and a female and also with 2 studs. When I am with a buck and a woman it’s more gentle, and the other lady and I are usually focused on making the ladies man cheerful. When I am with 2 guys it is rough and messy. I like feeling like such a randy bimbo when I am being banged in my face hole and cookie at the same time. I would love to try a three-way with all angels, but we would definitely need a strap-on.”

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