Farrah – Interview with Farrah

Interview with Farrah

Interview with Farrah

This day we’ve got videos of a pleasant little teen from Dallas, Texas.

“High school was boring, so I left and got my general equivalency degree,” Farrah said us. “There was so much drama there. I just had to leave. And it worked out great! I’m in high school now, and I’m relishing my freedom from all of that bullshit. I can go out and hunt or fish anytime I don’t have class, too. Those are my much loved hobbies. Furthermore having sex, of course! My dream date would be to go out hunting and camping beneath the stars on the beach. Then, at night, we could have a fireside orgy with a bunch of people!”

“I dated a lad for five years, but this gent cheated on me and got some chick preggy. I’m glad I am done with him. The 1st night I was single I went over to my friend’s abode and fucked her brother! I had a crush on him for years. That felt great!”

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