Elsa Jean – String Fling

String Fling

String Fling

Elsa, that’s quite a slight bathing costume u brought to our studio.
“I know. It barely covers my nipps. I guess it looks valuable with my little bosoms, and it’s nearly as shocking as it would be on a angel with larger bouncy bosoms. I do still get plenty of looks when I wear this bikini though. It’s one of my favourite things to wear to the beach. I adore to reveal my flatness and my merry ass. Sometimes I like to ask random studs to rub sunblock on me so I can check out them receive hard-ons. It usually doesn’t go anywhere, but one time I did shag a stud I met on the beach. He started massaging me whilst caressing the sunblock in, and that stud really knew what this chab was doing. This charmer made my vagina soaking moist!”

Where did you end up banging this random Lothario?
“Well, at 1st we went into the ocean and started making out and feeling up on each other. There were plenty of people around so we weren’t gonna bonk there. We were the one and the other indeed turned on and into the pont of time, so we went to his SUV and fucked in there. I came love crazy. It was one of the hottest experiences I ever had.”

Had u ever screwed somebody you did not know previous to?
“No. That was the 1st and solely time. Generally speaking I like to must know somebody at least a little bit in advance of we have sex. But that time I was just so sexually excited that nothing else mattered. We texted a little bit after that one time, but I never saw him anew. I’m totally wonderful with that cuz I don’t think we would have been expert to top it.”

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