Dolly – Rosy Cunny

Rosy Cunny

Rosy Cunny

Honor, Dolly! What brings u to our mag?
“A friend of mine reads 18eighteen, and one day that skirt chaser brought it out and asked me if I’d ever consider posing nude since I’d posed for his art classes before. I wasn’t so sure at 1st, but now I suppose it’ll be kinda hot if that gent ends up finding my photo discharge during the time that he’s jacking off. It’s gripping thinking about all the boners I’m causing!”

How different was it posing for art class?
“It was harder work than this ‘coz I had to hold the positions for way longer. Sitting stripped with all these eyes on me made me actually wet though, and I was scared the students would notice my slit glistening. I’d love to do it anew sometime.”

So you enjoy nudity. Ever consider becoming a nudist?
“I think that could be a enjoyment lifestyle to have. I love being observed, but I too love the freedom of nudity. It’s not all the time that my pussy receives to breathe! But I am not sure how well I’d do at a nudist colony. If some hot lad starts getting a stiffy, I wouldn’t be accomplished to resist helping him out with a little oral-stimulation.”

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