Cookies & Cream

Vaginas & Sperm

Cookies & Cream

Hungry for vaginas? Barbara has a delightsome one between her legs.
Barbara is quite the little baker. Twice a week this babe bakes a batch of snatches to sell at school. “I too bake cakes and pastries, but people seem to like my wet cracks the almost any. They always sell out.” The slit betwixt her legs is too in high demand, but rarely obtainable. “Sometimes boys will make jokes about eating my wet crack. The boys my age are dumb. I just roll my eyes. Little do they know that I love most of all old studs to eat my vagina. Somebody who will indeed eat it right instead of just making a mess!”

Have you been with many maturer males? What was it love?
“I had a flirtation with a teacher that not ever went beyond that. That woman chaser held back. I’m expecting untill I graduate to watch if we can be something more. There’s so much erotic tension betwixt us. I always leave his class with damp briefs. Other than that, I have been with a neighbor who is Fourty three. That smooth operator was the one who gave me my first greater than typical O and showed me that maturer studs can be indeed sexy. While all my friends at school are looking at the cute boys in our class, I am looking at their dads! Maturer boys know how to treat a goddess and how to give her pleasure. The youthful hawt guys are just fumbling around down there clueless!”

How did u end up hooking up with that neighbor?
“Funny enough-he wanted some slits! I went over there to drop some off. He attempted one of my love tunnels and watching him eat it immediately made me think of him eating me out. I said him I had something else fascinating this dude could eat. Then this chab went down on me for a lengthy time. When this chab came up, his face was overspread in my jizz.”

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