Classic Lingerie, Classic Beauty, Brand-new Bea Cummins Scene

Classic Underware, Classic Looker, Brand-new Bea Cummins Scene

Classic Underware, Classic Goddess, Brand-new Bea Cummins Scene

Today, 69-year-old wife Bea Cummins is wearing a classic bullet bra in a leopard print, a classic, 1920s-style garter, plus stockings with modern-style straps. So, we’ve a mixture of the old and the fresh. But some things at no time go out of style. For example:

1. Bea’s large breasts. They’re D-cups.

2. Bea’s glamourous face. Prettier than ever.

3. Bea’s cock-sucking skills. She’s a hot domina who looks great with a mouthful of Carlos’s penis.

4. Her fucking skills, as ordinary.

5. Cum all over Bea’s tongue and face.

See? Things haven’t changed. If you’d asked the run of the mill guy back in the 1930s what this chab was into, he probably would’ve said, “Big love melons, nice-looking face, worthy cock-sucking skills, etc., etc.” And here’s Bea, new from the mountains of East Tennessee (that’s where this babe was born in ’43) proving that the more things change, the more things stay the same.

By the way, as usual, Bea’s hubby was standing just a hardly any feet away while Bea was pleasuring Carlos. Makes u believe in marriage, doesn’t it?

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