Chloe Foster – Kitty Cat Style

Kitty Cat Style

Kitty Cat Style

Chloe is a well-rounded bonk doll. She’s anything u urge in a girl. Chloe was the popular hotty at school who played tennis and did cross country dripping. One of her special talents is giving head underwater. And finest of all, this babe loves aged chaps and arse stab. Not solely is this babe hot, but Chloe has the kind of raunchy energy that makes her truly irresistable. She’s more than just a nice-looking face, this babe has a slutty cookie and a longing for kink to go along with it!

She puts a new spin on an aged position. Chloe loves smth called kittycat style. “It’s my beloved position. It is the same thing as doggie-style, but I guess kittycat style sounds so much sexier. Doggie-style is kind of raunchy!”

This babe is always loved sex. Chloe was lucky enough to skip out on the awkward figuring-things out phase of sex. As pretty soon as she got her 1st shlong, this babe fell in love with rogering! “My 1st time was indeed admirable. My knickers were soaking luscious just from giving a kiss. This man was rubbing his penis on my muff and I was so moist it just slid in. I loved it, and I don’t think I’ve ever had bad sex.”

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