Chloe Foster – Just Fucked

Just Drilled

Just Fucked

Chloe, what’s up with your hair? U look like you just got screwed!
“I did! I always look kind of nutty after I’ve sex. I suppose I could have at least primped myself a little in advance of this discharge, but I like the just-fucked look of my hair being a mess and my skin glowing from cumming so much. It was truly worthy sex, too, in case u could not tell! Almost as wonderful as the last time I got drilled for your mag.” In case u missed it, Chloe’s hardcore glamour photoshoot was featured in the April ’14 issue. By the end of it, this babe looked a lot like how she does here, only with cum all over her face!

Did u acquire a load of cum on your face?
“Oh yep! A wonderful, larger than typical load of it! And not merely did I receive it on my face, but some of it got in my hair, likewise! That is part of why my hair appears adore this. I kinda love it though, walking around with dried cum in my hair love a immodest, little bimbo!”

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