Cece Capella – What A Pair

What A Pair

What A Pair

Cece, we need to be honest. We can not avoid staring at your marangos! Are they real?
“It’s ok. I am used to having ’em stared at. And yep, they are real. I was blessed with an magnificant natural rack. I think just about each lad who’s seen ’em has said me they’re the nicest titties they’ve ever watched.”

Do u adore to reveal tons of skin?
“Now I adore to brandish some skin. I try to keep it tasteful but still a little hawt and lascivious. I used to be actually bashful and prudish though. I was constrained by my chest coz I would get so much attention from dumb, randy guys. The 1st time I had sex, I was riding the ladies man in cowgirl and I kept my undergarment on the whole time [Laughs]. I got over that, and now I embrace having a sexy body and large wobblers. Now I usually by no means wear a bra since I do not really need to. My bra-busters are perky sufficient on their own.”

Have you ever been with an maturer stud?
“Yes. I had a 53-year-old sugar daddy. One time he blindfolded me and used all sorts of toys and techniques on me. I indeed felt everything since I could not see. This ladies man was amazing in couch. I have been hooked on aged men ever since. They know what they’re doing!”

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