How a hot 55-year-old mom gets off

How a hot 55-year-old mom gets off

How a hot 55-year-old mom gets off

In her return to, 55-year-old divorcee and mom Constance Joy shows off her beautiful body, gets naked and uses her fingers and a toy to get off. The fingers go inside her pussy. The toy goes on her clit. It’s a good combination for this horny MILF.

50Plus MILFs: What are your fantasies?

Constance: I’ve lived out most of my fantasies. Of course, having two men around all the time would be a great fantasy. Not just sexually but all the time. I’ve had more of my fantasies come true in the last year than I ever anticipated.

50Plus MILFs: Would you say you’ve always been sexual?

Constance: Yes. It became more prevalent in my 40s, when I realized what I wanted and what makes me feel good and it was okay to enjoy it and ask for what you want whereas sometimes when you’re younger, you take what they have to give.

50Plus MILFs: What do you want?

Constance: I want a good, hard fuck. I like being paid attention to. I don’t ever want to feel like they’re out of the room when they’re still with me. My favorite position is doggy style with my hair pulled. Just the back of the nape. Not too hard, not too soft, just in the right spot, and I also have a special spot right on the back of my neck. I actually have a tattoo next to the spot that’s almost like an external clitoris and just from the right touch and stimulation, I can actually cum without any penetration.

50Plus MILFs: What if a person just brushes past you and accidentally touches that spot?

Constance: I just shiver. It has happened, like when I have my hair cut. I tell my gentleman friend or my female friend where it is, and if they can’t find it, we have a problem.

50Plus MILFs: As in, “You can go home now.”

Constance: [Laughs] That’s the problem! Next! You can just hold me and kiss me and I’ll cum. It’s an awesome spot. It’s more of the kisses than just the touch.

50Plus MILFs: Lights on or lights off?

Constance: On! I like to see the cum on me when they cum on my belly. I just like it! I like cum! I like rubbing it on me and stuff. I’d rather have it on me than in me. I’ll tell him to cum on me.

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The GILF, the dick pic and the big, black cock

The GILF, the dick pic and the big, black cock

The GILF, the dick pic and the big, black cock

Renee Kane, 60, is cleaning up around the house and can’t believe the mess her daughter has made. Then she hears a phone vibrating, but it’s not her phone. It’s her daughter’s phone, so she picks it up and looks at the screen.

“Lisa! What is this? Oh my god, who is that? Somebody has sent you a dick pic!”

Renee isn’t mad. She’s impressed. The dude has a really big, black cock and Renee wants some of that. So instead of texting back, “Stop sending dick pics to my daughter, perv,” she texts back, “Come on over!”

Of course, she doesn’t tell the dude that it’s her daughter’s mom who replied and he’s shocked when this sexy, mature woman answers the door.

“Lisa’s not home right now,” Renee says, “but I am. I saw a picture of you. Would you like to come in and wait for her?”

He comes in, but they’re not going to do any waiting. Renee wants to see that dick in-person and fast, so she takes it out and sucks that 24-year-old cock and then she fucks it.

WARNING: If you send a dick pic to a woman, there’s no guarantee that what happens in this scene will happen to you. Chances are, she’ll show it to her friends and they’ll make fun of you and word will get around that you’ve been texting dick pics. But if you’re lucky, really lucky, this might happen.

Good luck.

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Big tits, big ass, pierced, gaping pussy…nice!

Big tits, big ass, pierced, gaping pussy…nice!

Big tits, big ass, pierced, gaping pussy...nice!

“I liked having my nipples pierced so much that I knew I was going to get my pussy done next,” 57-year-old Michaela O’Brilliant said. “I know piercings are somewhat common these days, but I got mine over 15 years ago. Not many people had them then and certainly not in Germany. I’ve always been ahead of the times in that sense. I also advocated for anal in the ’80s, but my friends were all scared to try it. I was the first one of the bunch to love it, and eventually they followed my path.”

Good for them! Good for Michaela! And, by the way, she’s right when she says piercings are somewhat common these days, but it’s definitely not common for a 57-year-old woman who has children to have pierced nipples and six pieces of jewelry jingle-jangling from her pussy lips.

“Most of the men and women I have sex with seem to enjoy them,” she said. “They like the clinking noise they make when I have sex.”

She also said, “For some reason, people always seem to remember me.”

For some reason? Maybe those huge, super-sized tits and her pierced pussy are the reason.

Here, sexy Michaela is wearing a tight purple dress that hugs her voluptuous body. Her tits are pouring out of her overmatched bra. She’s wearing stockings. She’s all alone and playing with her fuck parts. She spits on her hand and lubes her pussy. She gets on all fours so we can see her open asshole and bejeweled cunt.

For some reason, we think you’re going to remember these photos and the video for a long time.

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Seka Black’s poolside dildo fuck show

Seka Black’s poolside dildo fuck show

Seka Black's poolside dildo fuck show

It’s time for some poolside fun with 64-year-old Seka Black. This smokin’-hot mother and grandmother is wearing a tiny yellow bikini that most women her age (and many girls a third of her age) wouldn’t dare wear. She’s also doing something else that’s very daring: taking off her bikini, spreading her legs and fucking her well-used but tight cunt with a couple of toys. Sure, maybe the neighbors can see her, but she doesn’t care.

Seka is special. She’s beautiful. She’s the epitome of a 60Plus MILF, the kind of woman we’re always looking for. She is used to showing off her body for all the world to see. She used to be a stripper. Now she does her thing on Twitter, which is how we found her.

“Someone on Twitter told me that you were trying to get a hold of me, so I Tweeted you,” Seka said.

See? Twitter is good for something.

Seka used to be an accountant. She was born in New York and now lives in South Florida. She keeps herself in tip-top shape by working out and bicycling. She also enjoys sewing and watching TV. And she’s sexy as can be. She’s a mature woman who’s comfortable with her body. As she should be.

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Anal Foxx

Anal Foxx

Anal Foxx

Kenzi Foxx and her guy have just gotten home from their date, and it’s time to get down to business. Kenzi, a 50-year-old wife and mom, wearing a tight, short, nearly backless dress, pushes her guy onto the bed and sucks his cock and balls, and you can tell how much she loves the family jewels. Before long, he’s fucking her pussy through her crotchless panties, then he fucks her tight ass and cums all over her big tits. This is a very hot scene.

Things that surprise us about Kenzi:

• She likes romantic comedies. In these photos and the video, Kenzi doesn’t seem at all like a romantic, but there you go. Perhaps the route to her tight pussy and tighter ass is paved with red roses.

• She’s a flirt. This is surprising because absolutely no flirting happens here. Just sucking and fucking.

• She’s a mother of three. With that body? Amazing. But we have to wonder what her kids think about the nipple jewelry. Most moms do not have that.

Something that doesn’t surprise us about Kenzi: “I love having my ass played with and fucked. I love anal!”

The proof is in the pictures.

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Rita Daniels meets Pussy Bandit

Rita Daniels meets Pussy Bandit

Rita Daniels meets Pussy Bandit

Rita Daniels is horny. That’s not news. Rita is always horny. When this scene opens, she’s rubbing her shaved, wet pussy and talking about how much she wants a big cock down her throat. She grabs a toy and stuffs it inside her pussy.

“So fucking wet,” the world’s horniest mother and grandmother says. “I want you to take your fucking tongue and I want you to stick it in. I’m going to get fuckin’ wet for you. I love fucking myself.”

But she loves getting fucked even more.

Rita gets her tits out. They’re big and juicy. Then she lies back, spreads her legs and fucks her old, well-used cunt with her toy, working it deep, letting us hear how wet she is.

“So fuckin’ wet,” she says.

We can tell.

Then her man shows up. He’s Jonathan Jordan, aka Pussy Bandit, but there’s no pussy to be stolen here because Rita is freely giving it up. Her mouth, too. With Rita lying on her back, he fucks her mouth like it’s a pussy, and she keeps up a steady stream of fuck talk between sucks, gagging herself on his big dick while still fucking herself with her toy.

Then we find out how much of Pussy Bandit’s big cock she can take in her mouth: all of it, down to the balls. And then he fucks her with his big cock.

“I wanna get my cum all over that fuckin’ cock,” she says. “I love seeing your cock in my fuckin’ cunt.”

Somehow, he manages to hold back long enough to fuck her in a whole bunch of positions, and then he cums on her pussy. She rubs it in. Of course she does. She’s Rita Daniels.

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Bella Dea: the slut MILF look

Bella Dea: the slut MILF look

Bella Dea: the slut MILF look

“My conservative friends might be surprised to see me here,” said Bella Dea, a 54-year-old mother and divorcee who’s back for some solo action. “My liberal friends would laugh and say, ‘That sounds like something she would do.'”

Meaning getting her tits out, spreading her legs and fingering her mature snatch for all the world to see? In that case, her liberal friends know her very well.

“I can dress conservative or sexy slutty,” said Bella, who’s a SoCal lady. Here, she’s obviously going for the slutty look with her short, tight, low-cut dress and fishnet stockings. She succeeds.

“I’ve done a lot of things,” Bella said. “I’ve done makeup for TV and film. I’ve been an esthetician. I was a model. I’m even an ordained minister. But this is the most-fun job I’ve ever had.”

Bella enjoys collecting vintage aprons, reading, traveling and doing volunteer work. She’s not a nudist. She likes wearing crotchless panties. A man can get her attention “by being a gentleman, thoughtful and romantic.” She owns a box filled with dildos, and she masturbates daily. She has sex three or four times a week.

She is the epitome of the L.A. super-MILF. And she’s yours to enjoy.

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