Cadence Carter – Crafty Cunny

Crafty Cunny

Crafty Cunny

Welcome, Cadence. Tell us more about yourself.
“I’m just a nice, average hotty who wanted to try something wicked, so here I’m! In my free time I like to sculpt, do crafting projects and paint. I’m a creative person and I absolutely get the hots for chaps who are brooding artist types.”

Have u ever hooked up with someone like that before?
“Yes. My art teacher at school was this 30-year-old pleasing heart. I always tried to flirt with him, but no thing ever happened until after I graduated. I came back to visit and watch him, and well, a effortless greetings turned into his schlong in my throat and wet crack!”

Tell us more!
“It was after school so everyone was gone. I was wearing a skirt and flashed him my belts, and we got indeed close. Then we kissed and his hand was on my crotch, pulling my knickers to the side so he could slide his shlong in and make me groan.”

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