Avalon – Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Morning Ritual

Is masturbating part of your morning ritual?
“On most days it is. I even adore to wake up Thirty minutes earlier than I acquire to just so I can rub one out. For whatsoever reason I’m always actually sexually excited in the morning. I would adore to have morning sex if I lived on my own.”

Have you ever had morning sex in advance of?
“Sadly, no. I live with my parents and there’s no way they’d let a guy sleepover, and they wouldn’t let me sleep at a guy’s place either. It is always been a dream of mine to wake up with a charmer spooning me and his hardon poking my arse. I’d probably be so turned on that he could just slip it in right then and there. Not to mention, spooning is one of my prefered positions to have sex. I feel really tight in that position, probably because my legs are closed. And my pussy juice receives widen all over the place. When I initiate off spooning the sex is always wonderful.”

Do you ever have moist fantasies?
“Oh my god, yes! Not all the time, but when I do I absolutely soak my sheets. It always happens after I’ve a sex fantasy. One time it was so embarrassing ‘coz I had a soaked dream whilst spending the night at my friend’s abode. When I woke up the sheets were so moist. I was mortified. And it happened because I’ve the king-size crush on her maturer brother. I even fell asleep with my hand on my bawdy cleft, thinking about him. Luckily I was accustomed to dump the sheets in the washing with out anyone indeed questioning it. If that ever happens anew, hopefully it is in her brother’s bed!”

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