Ava Sparxxx – Tanned Tenderoni

Tanned Tenderoni

Tanned Tenderoni

We love the tanlines! It bears a resemblance to you've been spending tons of time at the beach.
"Thanks! Although I guess I might have overdone it because I got sunburned. I've been vacationing down in Miami where it's hawt and sunny all year, and I should have worn more sunblock. I still had a blast though, collision new people and hooking up with cute chaps. There's smth about that tropical environment that seems to get people really horny. Or maybe it was just me!"

Did you’ve tons of sex on your vacation?
"Yes! I hooked up with this gent a diminutive in number times. That was the first time I've ever love, just met anybody while I was out and banged them the same day. It was cute–my little vacation fling. We fucked on the balcony of my hotel which was pretty sexy. Towards the end of the vacation when I was actually sunburned I didn't think I was intend to be able to screw. So this charmer was just rubbing aloe lotion all over my body, and I got sooo turned on! We ended up having sex–very carefully–anyway! I was also lustful."

How did you manage to have sex with such a bad sunburn?
"We did it mostly standing up! As this chab was caressing lotion on my back I started sticking my gazoo in his crotch, and this gent reached over and started fingering me. Thank god I wasn't sunburned on my fur pie! I was all juicy and his fingers were squishing inside me. So I took off my bottoms, and he stuck his ramrod in doggystyle. We stayed standing because it hurt for me to lay on the bed, especially with him on top of me. So we did doggie-style, and then I faced him and that gent held one of my legs up. It was hot!"

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