Ava Hardy – “Eat My Cookie!”

“Eat My Love tunnel!”

Eating Ava’s cunt is a real treat. When you are in the mood for a snack, her fascinating, peachy, little vagina trumps everything else. Save the chips and cookies for the movies. In ottoman Ava will supply u with endless amounts of pretty girl-cream between her legs.

And if you are into it, her tight, unexplored starfish is marvelous yummy, likewise. “I’m a little coy about having my anal opening licked,” Ava admitted to us. “It’s just so weird having a guy’s face in your ass. It’s a intimate area. But it feels so fine when they take up with the tongue it! I just receive to acquire over my embarrassment and flat out ask for it instead of expecting for the lad to go there.” View her anal opening in the photo below. Looks gorgeous tasty to us!

Give her a lickin’ previous to you give her a dickin’! Ava’s only been having sex for a short whilst, but she knows what this babe likes: “To be eaten out! I mean, I knew that previous to I had sex. But if a man eats me out really well 1st, the sex is way more magnificant. There’s nothing quite like cumming on someone’s tongue!”

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